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Personal Branding and expatriation: optimise your LinkedIn profile

It cannot be emphasized enough, but maintaining your network is crucial in your career, especially during your expatriation.

With a strong presence on LinkedIn, you can navigate more confidently in your new environment.

With over a billion members, LinkedIn is essential for developing your Personal Branding and forging new connections with recruiters, clients, and suppliers.

Why is Personal Branding crucial for expatriates?

1- Increased visibility: By showcasing your expertise and achievements on LinkedIn, you enhance your visibility, opening up new professional opportunities.

2- Building trust: A strong LinkedIn profile enhances your credibility with recruiters, clients, and potential partners.

3- Leveraging your network: Cultivating a quality professional network on LinkedIn opens up new career opportunities and perspectives, essential for your expatriation.

What is the most effective way to receive proper guidance?

Perhaps an expatriate who has worked at LinkedIn himself?

Most likely, yes ;)

Alexandre left France in 2013 and spent 6 years at LinkedIn working on transforming the branding of companies and their employees.

He now assists expatriates with their Personal Branding through personalized sessions.

  • 2-hour session (1.5 hours of substantive work + 30 minutes review two weeks later)
  • Detailed overhaul of your LinkedIn profile (profile headline, work experiences, about section, education, recommendations, etc.)
  • Visual enhancements (photo, banner, selections, media)
  • Improvement of your LinkedIn profile\'s SEO
  • Advice and preparation of your network before your arrival

If you\'re still unsure, simply ask yourself this question.

What does my LinkedIn profile say? What image and message does it convey? Is it up to date?

With over 400 individuals assisted, Alexandre will be there to listen and develop the right approach based on your upcoming challenges!