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Reliable VoIP communications for expats

There’s one thing in common for every expat or soon-to-be expat: no one wants to have challenges establishing connections with their home country.

One might say that this is no longer an issue with apps like FaceTime and WhatsApp. Unfortunately, we’ve all been in a situation where we couldn’t connect with someone because that person does not use the same app we do. Also, not having a local foreign number to be reached may often prevent expats from receiving important phone calls for commercial or personal purposes. For these reasons having a phone number with a reliable VoIP provider can be advantageous.

Benefits of using a VoIP service while abroad

VoIP has been around for a long time, but not everyone is fully aware of all of its benefits. It allows you to keep your home phone numbers almost everywhere, simplifying the process of staying a phone call away from your loved ones while ensuring the continuity of professional relationships.

Here are some of the main benefits of using VoIP when you are an expat:

  • Carrying a local phone number globally: this facilitates easier connection with those back home and ensures you remain reachable via a familiar number.
  • Advanced communication features: unlike standard apps, VoIP services offer communication management and flexibility, essential for those living abroad.
  • Cost-effectiveness without contracts: with no need for long-term contracts, you can adjust your communication needs, ensuring you only pay for what you use.
  • Always-on access to you SMS messages : stop worrying about being unable to access your bank account because you don’t have coverage from your carrier and can\'t received time-based one-time passwords for two-factor authentication accounts access.

Getting started with VoIP

You first need to open an account. Then, you can choose whether to purchase a new phone number or port your number from your current provider to You can check if an existing number can be ported to in seconds. Opening an account is also very straightforward and doesn’t require any credit card information. Once your account is running, make a $15 deposit and set up your services to meet your needs. offers a comprehensive YouTube Channel with easy-to-follow Tutorials and a vast Wiki Resources Library.


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