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Set up a business in Mauritius

Setting up a company in Mauritius includes navigating the requirements for company registration in Mauritius, understanding the various types of Mauritius offshore companies and ensuring compliance with all legal regulations.

Mauritius is emerging as one of the most progressive economies in the region. Setting up a company in Mauritius has become an attractive choice for businesses worldwide, thanks to its stable economy and business-friendly laws.

This service can assist you in setting up a company in Mauritius and guide you all along the way from Mauritius company formation in Mauritius, to explaining the different types of offshore companies in Mauritius, to buying and setting up your workspace and hiring talented professionals and meeting the legalities with robustness and accuracy.

Steps to set up a business in Mauritius :

  • If you want to apply for a global business license or another financial licence in Mauritius, you will need to satisfy the Financial Services Commission FSC that you have the necessary expertise to undertake such operations.

> This service has all of the most reliable management companies in Mauritius, enabling you to have maximum chance of succeeding with your applications.The experienced consultants will brief you in detail regarding Mauritius, they will act as an intermediary between you, the Management Companies and the FSC as you go through the initial stages of setting up a business here.

  • While applying for the global business license in Mauritius, you will need to carefully consider the substance requirements concerning local directors, registered offices and the various AMLR requirements.

> This service can assist with finding the requisite qualified professionals for your particular business to obtain any business permits and trading licences. Setting up a company in Mauritius and opening a bank account here can almost always be completed without the client coming to Mauritius.

As you reach the end of the process, we can assist you with :

  • Finding your offices, staff, accommodation to live.
  • Permits for those moving to Mauritius and any element of the relocation.
  • Get in touch with the best commercial real estate agents.
  • Make sure that you find a perfect locality for your company, and perhaps your dream villa on a beach.
  • Deal with the Economic Development Board, assisting you with your occupation permit and residence permit.

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