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An exciting new online marketplace selling a wide range of beautiful, sustainable, Scottish-made gifts

A new website for unique, beautiful Scottish-made gifts

If you want to send unique, beautiful gifts to friends and family in the UK, then Made Scotland is the best place for you to shop. It’s an exciting new online marketplace selling a wide range of produce made by makers and small businesses all over Scotland.

The website was set up by Alexandra Borthwick, a journalist who spent many years living abroad as an expat. It was during her time living in Singapore and Dubai that she first had the idea for Made Scotland.

Sending gifts back to the UK?

Have you found it difficult trying to send gifts back home, as an expat? Alexandra did. It was time-consuming, expensive, you are restricted by size and the mail often takes weeks to arrive. Not an easy process, is it?

But there’s something else. Sometimes you want to give someone a gift from your homeland. It’s that connection to the place you’re from, and that connection feels even stronger when you’re living far away, doesn’t it?

Alexandra found this. But when she searched for ‘Scottish gifts’ online, she only found cheap, badly made tourist rubbish.

Discovering Scottish brands

Then six years ago Alexandra moved back to Scotland. It was a revelation. She discovered a wonderful thriving community of skilled makers and artisans producing beautiful brands, all over Scotland. But there still was nowhere you could find all of this produce in one place.

If only someone would create a website where you could find all the beautiful, handmade Scottish produce and buy it in a few clicks. Nobody was doing it so Alexandra decided she had to fix that. And Made Scotland was born!

The website showcases produce made by Scottish makers. You can buy a range of brands to be shipped anywhere in the UK.

There are over 40 brands on our website and more are joining all the time. There is something for everyone. The collections include:

  • Homewares: Lighting, Furnishings, Candles, Art, Kitchenware
  • Beauty: Haircare, Botanical Skincare, Bodycare, Fragrances
  • Accessories: Knitwear, Cashmere Socks, Textiles, Stationery, Jewellery, Harris Tweed Accessories, Children’s Clothing
  • Food & Drink: Venison Charcuterie, Smoked Salmon, Cheese Selections, Craft Beer, Macarons, Condiments
  • Regular seasonal collections, from Christmas, Easter, Father’s Day, Mother’s Day, Valentine’s Day and more.

And if you like Scotland, you’ll love the Made Scotland blog, which brings you everything from Top Gifting Ideas to the 7 Best Shepherd’s Hut Holidays.

Ready to make gifting easier?

Made Scotland is the easiest way to send a beautiful, unique gift to someone in the UK, in seconds. We’re constantly adding exciting new makers, and new products arrive on the website every day.

If you visit our Made Scotland website and sign up, you’ll get Free Shipping on your first order, updates on our newest arrivals and an email once a month about all our lovely discoveries.

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