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Emotional preparation 101 for expats

Embarking on a new adventure abroad? It\'s not just about packing boxes and booking flights, right?


We usually focus so much on the logistical preparation of the move that we often overlook the emotional aspects. It\'s like missing the forest for the trees. Looking back, logistics are indeed a crucial part of expatriation, but at the same time, they\'re just a small piece of the puzzle at the end of the day.

Let\'s take a moment to talk about the emotional side of the journey. Why? Because moving abroad ranks as one of the most stressful experiences in life. You\'re stepping into the unknown, facing countless decisions in an unfamiliar environment, with little control over the outcome. It\'s like playing a game without knowing the rules.

So, you\'re probably feeling a mix of excitement and overwhelm as you tackle your giant \"To Do\" list. Worried about forgetting something crucial, anxious about making the right choices for your family\'s future or for yourself, and navigating the rollercoaster of emotions that come with such a significant life change. And amidst it all, you may feel quite alone.

I hear you—I\'ve been there myself. It\'s natural to have more doubts and questions than answers at this stage. But you don’t have to navigate this all alone without a co-pilot.

At Expat Coaching Corner, we offer tailored coaching and mentoring solutions for expats like you. Our goal is to assist you in preparing emotionally and navigating your expatriation journey with confidence, enabling you to adapt faster and bring your talents abroad.

For Whom?

This package we offer here is perfect for those who are in the preparation phase of their move abroad.

It includes emotional preparation leading up to departure (and we can also add logistics planning if you feel you need help with that as well). The objective here is to relieve the mental burden you may be carrying by empowering you with a sense of control and freeing up your mental bandwidth. We do this by providing knowledge and tools, addressing your concerns and worries, and translating them into actionable solutions and planning.

How does it work?

Complete this form below and I will contact you to schedule a 45’ complimentary session over Zoom. The objective will be to get to know each other, to gain a clear understanding of your current situation and define how I can best support you. Since every expat journey is unique, this package will be tailored to your needs to help you navigate smoothly with less stress until departure.

Next step: Fantastic! We\'ve decided to move forward together to better prepare for your move, so welcome aboard!

This package includes:

3 or 6 coaching/mentoring sessions over Zoom, each lasting around 60’ where I will also share my expertise, tools and strategies.

Voxer or Email support until departure.