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Investment and Property in Mauritius

Mauritius is most well known for being a luxury tourist destination and a global offshore centre. The property sector in Mauritius has also enjoyed unprecedented growth in recent years with a broad range of properties available to buy from 6 million rupees to several million euros. This growth has been assisted by successive governments support for foreign investors purchasing Mauritius real estate. Mauritius has beautiful scenery, welcoming people, an idyllic location, limited land mass, reliable registration of land, and political and economic stability. This makes it a perfect real estate investment, especially if you are going for permanent residence at the same time.

What we can do for you :

  • Have a visio-meeting or email exchange to understand your requirements.
  • Assist with the finding and purchasing of property, and setting up of an entity to purchase through.
  • Advise on the appropriate permit or visa for coming to Mauritius.
  • Send a detailed proposal with clear costs, timeframes and explanations.
  • Assemble the documents and make the application on your behalf.
  • If you need assistance with setting up companies whether as an investor or just creating a business here
  • Assist with relocation tasks such as helping with schools, accommodation, insurance, choosing locations.
  • We can assist with other business advice and can bring in law firms as and when required.

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